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Artwork by: Brett Gottdener

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Brett Gottdener


I began my glassblowing career in the summer of 2000 at Snow Farm in Massachusetts. I returned the following year to develop my new passion. After a hiatus, I spent some time at Pilchuck (which was founded in 1971 by Dale Chihuly) in Washington during the summer of 2004. With instruction from Ben Edols of Australia, I developed a newfound respect and understanding of Venetian Style glassblowing. Utilizing these skills, I was able to expand my interests in glass into my own styles and forms. Beginning in the fall of 2004, I began blowing on a regular schedule. Utilizing the Nod Rog Studio in Colorado, I have been able to continuously refine my work.

Common Threads:

My passion for climbing is ever-present, nearly two decades in, I'm consistently joyed by the people and experiences I've come to embrace. I have a weakness for old Land Rovers and women with a genuine heart. I like to climb redwoods, ride on steam trains, and balance rocks. Above all, I believe in quality.

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