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Artwork by: Brett Gottdener

Gottdener Designs


Gottdener Designs is proud to introduce the Botanicals, a new series devoted to the architecture of the flower.

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The Botanicals are designed to be mounted to the wall. All hardware is included, and the pieces are easily attached with the use of a small hammer.

Each Botanical has been carefully crafted with the use of flame, anvil, and hammer.


Every Botanical is different. These flowers, while made of steel, are not immune to the effects of insects, poor weather and wilting!


The gentle curves of the stem culminate at the flower, whose relief from the wall provides the depth and focus of the Botanicals.

While perfectly capable of standing alone, the Botanicals truly shine in the company of friends. Such a garden display permits the owner to see the characteristics that make each Botanical an individual.


Garden of five: $340

Boquet of three: $210

Individual: $75

As shown dimensions for each Botanical: ~25"h x ~9"w x ~7"relief

-Custom orders are welcomed and encouraged-

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