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Artwork by: Brett Gottdener

Gottdener Designs


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The elegance found in the fundamental shape of the Daisy is what brings pleasure to the eye and heart. Gottdener Designs is proud to introduce the Daisy, a practice in joy through simplicity.

Daisies are designed to be hung on a wall, fence, or post. Anyplace a screw can be attached, a Daisy will hang comfortably.

Daisies are made of steel and feature highly textured surfaces. As Daisies are left unfinished, they will develop a natural patina.

In this image, one can see the texture found in the inflorescence (flower head or center disc). This texture is designed to mimic the disc florets, which are actually small flowers themselves.

The Daisy, a symbol of innocence.

Daisies are available in three distinct sizes, each complimenting one another.


Small: $80

Medium: $110

Large: $140


5% Discount on orders of 2 or more

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