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Artwork by: Brett Gottdener

Gottdener Designs

Custom Signs

Gottdener Designs is pleased to offer an artistic option for those seeking signage for their ranch, restaurant, or any type of business. Every piece is completely custom, anything is possible.

Below you will find images of the entrance logo created for Eagle Ranch in Craig, Montana. Eagle Ranch offers a unique fly fishing experience for the intrepid angler. The sign was created to match the customer's logo and will contribute to the customer's business identity. The logo mounts to the cross beam of the entrance timbers and utilizes a brace to prevent movement in strong winds. Pictures of the mounted piece should arrive soon, the weather is a little chilly up there currently...

Follow along (scroll down) as the details of the Eagle Ranch logo are illustrated:


The completed piece is 43" tall and is made out of T1 plate steel with a thickness of 1/4".

This is the Logo that was supplied by the customer at the begining of the project. The logo is then adjusted to ensure that the appearance is correct for the completed sign. The piece is also "segmented" at this point.

This image shows the computer-controlled laser cutting machine at work. Currently being cut is the "body and front wing" segment. The machine is extremely accurate, down to a thousandth of an inch. The metal used for this project is 1/4" T1 steel plate.

Here we can see the effect created by using "segments." By placing one wing in front of the other, depth is created in an inherently flat design.

The customer wants this piece to rust so the piece is roughened to give it texture in the short term and to aid in the oxidation process. Additionally, the head of the lag bolts have had their zinc coating removed so that they as well, will rust and look the part.

Turning now to the head of the Eagle, one can see the segments, as well as the selective roughening of the steel. This allows the steel to work with the light to bring texture to the piece. Signs can be painted in a clear laquer to maintain the shine inherent in bare metals.

Here you can get an overall perspective of the piece and the processes discussed earlier.

Switching to the backside of the Sign, we will now look at the mounting point for the ranch application. At the top are two large lag bolts which support the weight of the piece. Protruding up and out from the center of the piece is a stabilizer bar. This bar bolts to the underside of the timber cross beam and prevents movement of the Logo during high winds.

This is one of the two 6" long, 1/2" think lag bolts which secure the Logo to the face of the timber crossbeam. The zinc plating is not removed on this portion of the fastener so that the zinc can protect the concealed portion of the fastener from rust.

This is the base of the stablizer bracket. The bracket bolts to the back of the eagle using a nylock nut, which will prevent the bolt from coming loose with time.

Here we can get an overall view of the backside of the Logo and it's mounting points.

The completed project and designer, Brett Gottdener.

The possibilities for creating your sign or logo are limitless. Please contact Brett Gottdener to discuss the particular desires for your applicaton.



The sign, installed in Montana:

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