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Artwork by: Brett Gottdener

Gottdener Designs

Buckets and Pails

Buckets and Pails represent my pursuit of utmost-curvature, with glass. These large, asymmetrical vessels allow me to discover the limits of temperture, while still maintaining control over the glass. This interest has led to vessels which embodie subtle curves and bright complexions, quite reminiscent of the human form. Buckets are the larger version of the more petite Pails. I have been told that the Buckets and Pails share similar qualities with the stumps of large trees, particularly the Redwood, due to their organic, fluted shape.

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Sold Buckets

For the Buckets and Pails, I had to manufacture a steel mold into which the pieces are blown when still small in size. This tool has the effect of creating alternating thick and thin portions in the wall of the Bucket. After reheating, the glass is blown out to it's final wall thickness. Ironically, this shape is a large sphere, and all signs of having used my tool are veiled. The final process on the blow pipe is to heat the sphere to the limit of control and dramatically swing the blow pipe from one side of the room to the other. The forces, created by this technique, elongate the sphere and collapse the walls in a manner influenced by the steel mold mentioned above.

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