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Artwork by: Brett Gottdener

Gottdener Designs

Sippers and Chuggers

Sippers and Chuggers now have volumes included in the dimensions.

These pieces are all about fun. We all have our favorite beverages and the Sippers and Chuggers take enjoyment to a new level. The series of uniquely individual Sippers are a wonderful accutrement to your favorite drink. Sippers are an oversized version of what one might call a "shot glass," yet to use such a name for these vessels, is to deminish their key attributes. Each Sipper is shapped to sit well in the finger tips and possesses a size and weight to match your drink's likeness. Chuggers deserve to be used on a hot afternoon. A great size to match your breakfast smoothie, I've found the exciting colors often match the festive mood provided post workout. Later, you just might find the rim covered in salt.

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More Sippers are on the way!

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