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Artwork by: Brett Gottdener

Gottdener Designs


The epitome of growth lies in the form of progression. When the eye travels up the trunk of a Sprout, the form gains in complexity. As with all growing creatures, Sprouts have an interior element as well, typically in a contrasting color to the exterior. Sprouts are offered in several different series: Standing Sprouts, Resting Sprouts, Wall Sprouts, and now Dangling Sprouts. Sprouts have been a point of growth for me as an artist. I continue to discover possibilities for the species.

Wall-mounted Sprouts have no visible bracketry, the Sprouts appear to hover on the wall. They are designed to hold water and flowers and can be removed as easily as a small picture frame. Resting Sprouts prefer to lay down, not unlike a musical instrument in repose. Dangling Sprouts hang from above and are thus visible in their full glory. Standing Sprouts are the most traditional application of the form.

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Wall Sprout: "Altiplano Cielo"

Wall Sprout:

Wall Sprout: "Limitless Bliss"

Custom Sprout Set:

Standing Sprout:

Resting Sprout: "The Oasis"

Wall Sprout:

Resting Sprout: "Autumn's Song"

Wall Sprout:

Dangling Sprout: "Rolling Cistern"

Standing Sprouts:

Standing Sprout:







Sold Sprouts:

Resting Sprout:


Resting Sprout


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