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Artwork by: Brett Gottdener

Gottdener Designs

Platter #17 "The Veiled Pigments"

15"w x 18"w x 6"h

This platter brings another level of refinement to my series. Utilizing the warmth of curry, the yellow in this piece aquires a second glance. As light travells through the room on a sunny day, this Platter defines a variety of moods. The curry is offset by a light application of ivory, which adds a subtle touch.

What makes this piece so enjoyable, is the complexity by which the underside influences the top. A plum wrap envelops the shadow of this piece, and being laid upon an optic-molded structure, a pattern emerges. By restructuring the thickness of the glass, the Platter becomes stronger, lighter, and optically more sophisticated. A solo trip over Pearl Pass in CO, at the end of september, proved to be quite inspirational.

Price: $410


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