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Artwork by: Brett Gottdener

Gottdener Designs

Stands for Platters and Wall Mounts

Gottdener Designs is proud to offer Stands for all of it's pieces. The folowing pictures feature a Stand created for a Platter recently purchased by a customer. Please follow along to learn the details...

For this Platter, the customer requested a stand that would allow the piece to be displayed in an upright position. The customer's particular desires were aquired before work began.

Stands are completely custom. Steel is a preferred material, as complex designs can be more elegantly executed.

Typical stands are made of wood, a particularly bulky material. At Gottdener Designs, the goal of every creation is to strive for elegance.


Smooth curves and elegant accents define these Stands as truly unique. The steel is brought to a luminous shine, before being coated in clear laquer to preserve the finish.

Stands can bring your glass to a new level in refinement and quality. As these pieces are custom made, please contact Brett Gottdener to secure a schedule for your delivery.


Stands are priced on an individual basis, but generally average around $75.


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