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Artwork by: Brett Gottdener

Gottdener Designs

Wall Sprout #18 "Altiplano Cielo"

18"h x 8"w

Introducing the Wall Sprout... A new series brings the vase to the wall, presenting new possibilities for display. In development for the last six months, Wall Sprouts are designed to meet the demands of any display environment. These pieces may be displayed indoors or outside, in all but the most severe storms (tested in Colorado). The Wall Sprouts are especially suited towards displaying bouquets of flowers.

This Sprout features a shower of white throughout the interior, overlayed by water blue. Accents in dark iris blue speckle the exterior, and tie the lip off.

-Please scroll down-

I have decided to present the Wall Sprout in two different formats. On the left we have my signature dark room photography, and on the right is the new light room format.

Wall Sprouts are unique in their mounting system, able to be hung with greater ease than hanging a picture frame. Visible in the photo above (left) is a small hole in the side of the Sprout. This hole accepts a small hook that is mounted to your wall. The image on the right was taken at a 45degree angle to the left...the mounting point is still obscured. This strong, minimalistic mounting design is what distinguishes a Gottdener Designs Wall Sprout from the traditional wall sconce. Sprouts will appear to be floating on the wall.

Because Wall Sprouts have their hole so high, the glass may be partially filled with water and used to display bouquets. Sprouts create a dramatic display that is certain to bring life to any room.

Price: $475

-All hardware and (simple) directions for hanging are included-

Wall Sprouts can be mounted to almost any surface, just tell me your application and I will provide the appropriate hardware.

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